Animation I made for SMAC End of Year Dinner 2014! The theme was THE FUTURE, and the hall was transformed into the interior of a spaceship, the USS Sovereign. I was commissioned to make a video to accompany the skit and simulate the spaceship blasting off into space! I used a combination of Photoshop, Flash and Audacity to design the various components. I drew inspiration from Prometheus for the cockpit design. Due to time constraints, I did not design the exterior backgrounds of the city and outerspace, or make the miscellaneous sound effects. I recorded the female voice using a package and used Audacity to create the desired effect for the onboard voice. Music used is the Back to the Future Theme, composed by Alan Silvestri. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Future Cities by bobstardoe:
Dreams of Clouds by Smattila:
Back to the Future Theme composed by Alan Silvestri