The Outback Pack is the new skit theme for Sunday School at my church, St. Matthew’s Asian Congregation (SMAC), replacing our previous theme, Kingdom Adventures. It follows the stories of puppet Australian animals in the Aussie outback, to accompany our series on Old Testament books of Judges and Samuel. The characters are: Keith the Koala (Quentin), Larry the Cockatoo (me), Kath (Sharon) & Kim the Kangaroo Twins, and William the Wombat (Quentin).

I produced an animation to introduce the skit each week, using Adobe Flash and Photoshop. The original images for the animal puppets and background photos of Earth, Australia and Uluru were outsourced, links to their respective authors are below. The music used is an excerpt of Outback Celebration Exotic, composed by Non Stop Music.

The background of Uluru is a photo with a paint style filter applied to it. The trees are hand drawn with a Wacom tablet. The font is Postino Std, with style filters applied.

Music: “Outback Celebration Exotic” from the album Hemisphere – World Adventures, composed by Non Stop Music
Earth, Nasa
Australia, Wallpaper Web
Atmospheric clouds, Nasa
Kangaroo, As We Grow Learning Toys
Koala, Hanzon Puppets
Uluru, Telos Australia