Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Dan!

Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment
Games Design

Multidisciplinary Developer & Designer

I love to bring ideas to life, from conceptualising and drawing sketches and designs, breathing in context, narrative, characterisation, gameplay mechanics, to the development and implementation of interactivity, collaborating with user feedback, and I especially love putting on the finishing touches to a quality masterpiece.

I have experience in all of the following:

Gameplay & Level Design/Development
Narrative, Environment & Character Design
Game Art & Concept Art
2D Animation (Flash)
Interface Design
Basic Modelling
Research & Documentation
Presentation Design
Project Management
Quality Assurance & Testing
Music Composition
SFX & VFX Design
Web Design & Programming

Tools of my Trade

Adobe Flash (AS 3.0), Adobe Photoshop, Ableton, Audacity, Microsoft Office, Notepad++, HTML, CSS, Unity (Javascript & C#), UDK & Kismet
I have adequate knowledge of Maya, and programming in PHP/SQL and Python.


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