Image is not my workPlease note the image above is not my work.

The final skit for the Kingdom Adventures theme for SMAC Sunday School.

Squire Derrick finally completes his Knight School Training and graduates to become a knight! He eagerly awaits for his first Knight’s Quest from the King but then discovers the King has left the Kingdom. Why did the King leave? And what will become of Derrick’s Quest? Perhaps Princess will have the answers! In the meantime, Noodle has been in Harriet’s kitchen once again and Lester is in trouble with Sebastian. Could there be a reason why Noodle is so hungry for cookies?

The characters and their respective actors were: Sir Derrick played by me, Lester the Jester played by Jono, Princess Ana played by Anna, and Headservant Sebastian played by Quentin. Harriet the Cook (played by Sharon) is mentioned. The skit makes reference to the main character from the previous skit theme, Captain McPineapple.

The skit is followed by Teaching Time on the passage of Acts 1, about the ascension of Jesus after he has given the apostles the Great Commission. Jesus gives them a mission to tell everybody in the world about him and that through him we may enter God’s kingdom. In the same way, the King wants everyone in the land to know he has opened his Kingdom to all, and while the King has left, Derrick and Lester’s Quest is to go and tell this message to everyone.