Project Lytherium is an old animated movie I created for my high school English Major Work back in 2007. Left incomplete due to time constraints, I had always planned to return to it and bring out a trilogy of animated movies, dubbed the Dagger Trilogy, based on the main character. For now it lies on the backburner, but in the meantime, I’ve blown off seven years of dust, touched up and uploaded what I had completed at the time. I might consider animating a Part 2 to finish the movie!

I used Adobe Flash for all 2D animation, Swift3D for 3D animation, Audacity for the audio.

Disclaimer: I do not own the music. All rights reserved to their respective owners.
Bad Boys Soundtrack – Prologue/The Car Jacking by Mark Mancina
Batman Begins Soundtrack – Corynorhinus by James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer
Immediate Music – Bringer of War
Immediate Music – Final Omen 2.0
Immediate Music – Into the Light
Immediate Music – Judgment Day
Immediate Music – Liberty Shield
Muse – Hysteria