Dive into an underwater song with Neptune the deep-sea tuna! Help him gobble up critters and nom his way through the ocean abyss. Watch out though, because close on your fishy tail is something scary! Stay on your side of the food chain and keep Neptune singing and swimming!

Tuna Beat comes with its own built-in tune editor. Create your own tunes for Neptune to swim to! Doesn’t matter what age you are, you can join in the deep-sea ditty!

Tuna Beat is a music rhythm game made with Unity.

For best results, run fullscreen and pick 1024 x 768 for screen resolution, with fantastic quality.

Build Notes:

  • Currently only one playable level
  • Tune editor is a work in progress and not fully functional!
    – Neptune only has one colour
    – No options for critter movement yet
    – Testing the level out will play the critters to the same song as the level
  • Music does not belong to us, all rights reserved to their respected owners.
    Menu music: Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64, by Koji Kondo.
    Level music: Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Sander Kleinenberg Remix) from Tron Legacy Reconfigured, Daft Punk

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