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Spiritd is a fun and simple 2D side-scroller for all ages to play. Keep the world in equilibrium as you control Ouroboros, the Spirit of Balance.

Ouroboros, the Spirit of Balance, keeps the world in a balance of life and death. A conflict arises between Kaia, the Spirit of Creation, and Kaos, the Spirit of Destruction, throwing the world out of balance. Both Kaia and Kaos are too blindsighted by the use of their abilities to see the folly of what they do. As they inflict their power upon the world, Ouroboros must counter their attempts, lest the world fall into unsustainable imbalance.

Spiritd was designed and developed by team BrainFingers at the Global Game Jam 2012. In 48 hours, we managed to create a decent prototype however it was missing many gameplay elements.

Check out Spiritd in the Global Game Jam Archive.

Spirtd animated ouroboros
I animated the static art of the ouroboros and generated the spritesheet below.
Ouroboros spritesheet


Title screen