At Whittle’s End is a conceptual level made in Unreal exploring a lost temple with several puzzles and collectibles. The level was conceptualised and constructed over a few months in Unreal Development Kit, using premade Content Browser assets and models.

I designed and constructed the beginning cinematic, temple exterior, main hall (with falling pillar) and pressure plate puzzle. With my group members (animators), I designed and constructed the other two puzzles and the atrium. I did all the Kismet programming and cinematography. I wrote the script and recorded the voiceacting. Due to time restraints, various voice clips weren’t recorded, and the audio log machines were meant to be placed all around the level, but only the one in the main hall was included.

If you would like help with UDK or to know more about how this level was constructed, please feel free to leave a comment down below!

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Temple exteriorAt Whittles End Temple Exterior ConceptAt Whittles End Temple Puzzle 1At Whittles End Temple Interior 2At Whittles End Temple Interior 1Inside the AtriumLevel map outline