“Finale Fantasy” is a small level made in Unreal Development Kit for GDS204 Advanced Game Design: Assessment 3 at Qantm College Sydney. Over a few weeks, and using available Content Browser assets, I put together a simple level with basic gameplay to implement my original musical compositions. The name is, of course, a play on Final Fantasy (“finale” being a musical term).

I used Ableton Live Suite to compose the music, using instrument samples from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra library. I also modelled the coin in Maya and imported into UDK. The Heads Up Display is built into UDK and I didn’t have time to remove it unfortunately.

My aim was to have the music seamlessly transition between each area of the level which I feel I did successfully! The process required a lot of trial and error, but eventually adjusting the distance between trigger volumes and configuring the music via Kismet, I had a flawless transition no matter how many times the player went back and forth between the two areas.

You can listen to the individual tracks via the embedded SoundCloud player.

If you would like more information on how I made this, I have embedded my design document below (click to show).

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