Zard Marine

Darg 67, the Phase of Seraph, 6885
Sun 07°, Moon 09°

The search continues.

So far, we have found nothing but stray craf and the odd hethoz in the sky. Not even a trace of our quarry.

The trek is slow, and the rest of the zard enforcements have become weary and tiresome. Food supply is bound to run low very soon. If we do not come across anything soon, the team will become restless.

I still have not found a good reason why we have been sent on this mission, travelling through the endless Forests of Zebeq, but I am sure if the Guard wishes it, it is for a greater good.

It could not have gotten far. There is only so much of Niak a rogue Sairak can escape to.

An extract from the Order of Tzurannian Militia:

“A predominant race inhabiting the continent of Niak, the reptilian Zards are a force to be reckoned with. The average zard stands approximately seven and a half arches tall, with spikes protruding from their neck and back. Throbbing veins cover the body, down to the tip of the powerful tail.

The zard militia is divided into three main sections. The High Order, consisting of the highest ranked zards, as well as an elite party named the Guard; the General Rank, consisting of adequately armed and educated zard soldiers, marines and combatants; and third, the Last Reconnaissance, specialised in the work of stealth and undercover intelligence.

Zard weaponry and technology is one of the most advanced of Tzurann. Few ever stand against the zard militia and live to tell the tale.”