From behind the cover of a bush, I silently glance around in search for anything suspicious. Suddenly, a blood-curdling howl breaks the night sky. I recognise the scream immediately. With a mighty roar I burst from within my hiding place and pounce down the nearest street towards the sound.

Everything is blurring past me; I hear the howl again. Leaping onto a roof, a quick scan of the ground before me reveals the source of the cry. In a clearing to my left I see several vampires grabbing and trying to bite a fellow werewolf! My eyes glow red as the mouth-watering taste of vampire blood creeps into my mouth.

I launch myself off the roof and land amongst the melee. Sudden looks of surprise appear on all their faces as I fly a powerful kick at the nearest bloodsucker. It is violently catapulted backwards by the sheer momentum and crumples on a wall. Another vampire tries to punch my head, but I crouch and swirl while in the process picking up several stones from the ground. As I rise again, I hurl one of the stones at a vampire’s head, while bludgeoning another in the face. Vampire blood sprays the air.

By now the rest of the vampires have already switched their attention from the young victim to me, and those that I had attacked were slowly recovering. With a quick count there were about seven in total. This was bad. But I couldn’t let them carry on with the other werewolf, so fighting was the only way to go. With a quick decision, I suddenly run at the nearest vampire and claw down his chest, then twirl around to face the one next to it, pegging the stone right through its heart. With a backwards kick, my leg goes straight into the other vampire’s body. I then tear out a drain cover nearby and fling it at another vampire’s head, which neatly decapitates it. The remaining four hesitate for a second, now that I had killed off the other three, which is the exact moment I need.

I spear-tackle the closest, dodge a punch, then uppercut another. Unfortunately, I fail to see the vampire beside me and receive a nice fist in the stomach. However, I retaliate by driving my head into the assailant, giving it back its own medicine. I then plunge my hand straight through its heart, taking its life in an instant. With only three left alive, the two left standing finally lose all their nerve, transform into bats and hastily escape into the sky, leaving the other squirming on the ground.

Covered in crimson, I turn towards the other wolf, and approach. Pointing to the last vampire, I utter three words. “Have your revenge.” The werewolf, with a snarl, springs upon the vampire. A terrible shriek echoes through the night for the last time.