A terrible shadow crept over from behind me. I knew without looking, that it was it. The one thing that had sought for me and followed my every move, it was finally here. My body shaking like a ragdoll, I slowly turned around. Fear racked my heart, my teeth chattered non stop. My eyes slowly glanced upwards and straight into the gigantic eyes that returned a deadly glare. I could not look away. It stared a hypnotic gaze right into my face which turned my cheeks to ice. All I could see was its green luminous pupils.

All of a sudden, the monster sped towards me. A lethal spike on top of its head was aimed straight towards my chest. I quickly snapped out of my trance, and rolled out of the way. A fraction of a second too late, and I would be a human kebab. Scrambling to my feet, I knew, I was going to die if I didn’t find a way I could defend myself. My eyes frantically searched around the room, looking for anything long and hard, preferably sharp and pointy as well. All the while, I kept the monster in the corner of my sight. I spotted a broken piece of piping a few metres away from me, when as fast as lightning, the monstrosity rested its gaze upon me and prepared another attempt to skewer me. As fast as possible, I ran towards my newfound weapon, grabbed it and kept running till I reached a wall. Behind me, a resounding smash told me I had just missed death once again. The monster, realising its target had escaped, looked around and found me once more. I had no plan whatsoever, only to stay alive.

The beast approached, slowly, but surely. I had no way out. I was against a wall and a sitting duck. All I had was a half a pipe. I was doomed. The huge creature finally reached me. Its eyes blazing bright with a hue that of emerald, it reared its head back and was ready to strike. My life flashed before my eyes. Like a blur, the cuspate horn sprung forwards and plunged into me. That was it, I had died. At least, that’s what I thought. In the end, my agility and fast reflex had saved me. At the very last second, I had ducked, and the monster’s spike had drove into the wall. There was only one last thing to do. With all my might, I shoved the severed end of the pipe straight between the eyes of the monster. Unearthly blood spurted onto my face but I didn’t care. I pushed the whole thing in as far as it would go. The eyes that once petrified my soul and rendered my bones rigid, faded into darkness; its glowing pupils lost their glare, and turned into an inky black. And then, I knew, it was dead. I had survived. It was over.