An extract from the Order of Tzurannian Militia:

“One of the many species that dwell on the continent of Lebah, the Kainur are a primitive and barbaric race. However, the lupine predators are fierce and deceptive. Possessing lanky limbs and built with strong flexible muscles, their reflexes and agility cannot be matched. Powerful hindlegs provide the ability to spring to incredible heights, leap great distances, or pounce swiftly upon unsuspecting prey. At the end of each finger and toe lies a sharp curved talon, capable of lacerating through flesh and even bone.

The kainur military comprises of the simplest order of ranking, within guerilla formations. Packs of infantry classed zhanshi, who are differentiated by their selected weapon specialties, are led by a shuai, and in command of the entire horde is the zuzhang. However, there are certain highly skilled militants who are not classed, and thus do not travel in packs, but instead prowl individually. They call themselves the zhen. The packs of zhanshi require no general formation and appear to be quite disorderly, though this is a strategy the kainur have intentionally adopted, for it becomes much harder to predict the movements of the pack. Combined with their speed and dexterity, this provides an almost flawless battle technique.

Despite their field expertise, the kainur have very limited and underdeveloped technology. Weaponry range only from crude daggers and axes, to flails and maces, while their armour is extremely basic; a skull over the head usually suffices. Though to compensate, they practice immensely in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, where less armour becomes an advantage as they are far less encumbered than their opponents.”

Yeeesh, I must admit I’ve never shaded like this before, a milestone for me. Got my inspiration from a different drawing shaded in exactly the same way. And I wanted to draw something in a sort of stance with perspective. I kinda started with some idea of a creature’s head with those aeroplane-wing-shaped ears. And didn’t reckon I’d be able to pull off the flail that well, so I guess I’m pleased.

Drawn with pencil.