Graphic for the series on the book of Acts, for St. Matthews Asian Congregation (SMAC). The focus was on chapters 13-20 in particular, which covered Paul’s missionary journeys.

The tagline for the series was “To The Ends Of The Earth” which immediately brought to mind what sailors in past centuries who believed the earth to be flat would have imagined- an endless waterfall as the earth abruptly ceased to exist, and the oceans plunged off the edge and fell into the dark abyss of nothingness. I looked for the largest waterfalls in the world and ended up filtering through countless pictures of Victoria and Niagara Falls to find the perfect one that had a direct bird’s eye view of the waterfall, which is surprisingly hard. I produced the final graphic in Photoshop, using various layering of images.

The font I used is called Perpetua Titling MT.

Images used:
Niagara Falls from AirPano
Galley from
Map of California Island from Wikipedia Commons
Earth’s Artwork from Above Photography
Ocean from Imgwhoop
Greasy old paper by Erik Barfoed